embedded software

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When thinking of software development, many people automatically envision mobile or web applications, tools applicable to a variety of sources. While Teqniksoft offers development services in those areas, we also have extensive history in embedded system design and development. Whether it is an industrial controller, a medical device, a disk drive or a novel product for the “Internet of Things,” Teqniksoft provides a full range of firmware development services.

Linux Subsystems
Skills Examples
  • Linux SPI, I2C, UART
  • Linux Networking (TCP/IP stack)
  • Linux DMA
  • Linux driver model (sysfs, etc.)
  • Linux Scheduling (irq)
  • Linux Char devices
  • Linux framebuffer, v4l2
  • Linux Filesystems (ext2, ext3, jffs2,unionfs)
  • Linux ALSA Asoc
  • Linux GPIO, IRQ
  • Linux PCM, TDM
  • Linux PMIC
  • Linux Battery
  • Linux Touchscreen
  • Linux Accelerometer
Skills Examples
  • ARM
  • TI Sitara (ARM Cortex-A8, ARM9)
  • TI Davinci (ARM Cortex-A8, ARM9)
  • TI MSP430
  • TI OMAP (ARM7/9)
  • Freescale QorIQ (Power, ARM)
  • Freescale iMX (ARM9, ARM11, ARM Corte™-A8 and ARM Cortex-A9)
  • Fujitsu GDC
  • Marvell Kirkwood (ARM9)
  • Atmel SAM9 (ARM9)
  • Atmel AVR
  • STMicroelectronics (ARM)
  • Blackfin DSP
  • Cortex-M3 MCU (ARM)
  • Microchip
  • Samsung Mobile SoC
  • Realtek 89xxC
  • Set-top box chipsets

  • FPGA/CPLD (Xilinx and Altera) Design & Development
  • Integrated Circuit Design & Development
  • PCB Design, Development & Testing
commitment to the product

Our teams located in North America, South America and Europe have core competency in embedded systems engineering. We have designed, developed and maintained real-time computing implementations for a number of devices and for a wide variety of clients, from large industrial plants, storage systems, to the embedded tech for in-flight entertainment systems.

diverse technical experience

Our technical expertise includes C/C++, Linux Kernelspace, Assembler (e.g. AVR32, x86, Blackfin, STM32 and MIPS) as well as FPGA/CPLD (Xilinx and Altera) design and development, integrated circuits and printed circuit board design, development and testing. We have applied our embedded systems management into technologies both large and small, from networking systems to microcontrollers. Teqniksoft can create precise, reliable and efficient tools and always backed with a lifecycle guarantee of our commitment to our product.