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Teqniksoft is an international software development company with operations in North America, South America, and Eastern Europe. We utilize a hybrid onshore/offshore development model and can provide you with a highly qualified Project Manager to oversee the offshore engineering and/or data science team with complete transparency using tools like JIRA and Confluence. Not only will there be a significant cost savings, but the difference in time zones will increase productivity by ensuring that work is being done literally around the clock. We have wholly owned offices in locations where we can build upon and maintain our four core company pillars - they are good for us and most importantly you!


This is what sets us apart. We will not cut corners to provide the lowest bid. Our focus is to provide you with the most talented data science and engineering talent worldwide.


You’re protected with us. Our international locations are wholly owned companies that adhere to both U.S. and the local country intellectual property and employee laws. We’ve got you covered.


Project and Product Management is key to the success of any project. We manage international resources for you from the U.S. This approach allows us to effectively work around clock to produce outstanding quality product.


Our staff means everything to us - they are the beating heart of our company. And yours too. When assigned to your effort, they will work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality on time and budget. We have lower than a 3% overall company attrition.