Firmware Architect

Minsk, Belarus


We are looking for a Firmware Architect for our Minsk office to assist in our continued growth and contribute to our future developments.


Form a team to support a company who is creating their own SSD storage device, based on a third-party SSD controller and a third-party SDK base firmware.

We are looking for team members representing various specialties, including front-end (NVMe) and backend (Flash Translation Layer), experienced in low-level interfaces at the NAND level (Flash Management/Interface Layer) and the corresponding hardware modules on the SSD controller side (Hardware Abstraction Level), including encryption and internal data protection.

The team would be responsible for adapting and improving third-party SDK firmware in a significant manner (redesign, refactoring, enhancement and debugging of features and components) and development of new features to enhance and optimize the company's storage product.

Primary focus: FTL, FE (NVMe)

  • Collaboration with other firmware team members (local, and US-based) in the development, integration, and debug of SDK-based firmware according to the project requirements and needs
  • Improvement and evolution of already existing components and features including potential refactoring, reorganization and/or optimization of particular solutions to meet the project requirements
  • Design and implementation of separate features/modules, or particular components of larger modules
  • Maintenance of technical documentation and update of the existing Wiki/Confluence pages related to newly developed or customized features
  • Discussion and agreement of the proposed solutions at all stages with the engineering team
  • Management of local firmware changes using industry-standard software version control tools
  • Debugging/validation of functionality and performance of features/components using a wide spectrum of tests (unit tests, integration tests, customer tests, etc.)
  • Management of task and issues in project tracking tools
  • Provide clear project status and risks analysis to management (verbal and/or written)
  • Participate in online team meetings (several times a week)
  • 5+ years developing embedded firmware for SSD storage products, preferably with direct experience in the Flash Translation Layer (2+ years)
  • Architect-level design experience in the storage firmware industry (either SSD or HDD)
  • Deep knowledge of storage device host interface protocol (NVMe or ATA), command flow servicing
  • General device front end (FE) architecture understanding with submodules design experience (NVMe-specific experience strongly preferred)
  • Experience of code optimization and and/or performance tuning is strongly preferred
  • Proficiency in C programming
  • Proficiency in usage of embedded firmware debug tools and techniques (debuggers, emulators, logic analyzers, etc.)
  • Successful experience of a team-oriented environment development (prior experience of work as part of a geographically distributed team is highly desirable)
  • Strong ‘soft skills’: self-motivation, goal orientation, and ability to work in an environment with small management oversight
  • Office located in the city center (Nemiga).
  • English language courses.
  • Medical insurance.
  • 5 additional paid days a year in case of illness without a sick leave.
  • Purchase of professional literature.
  • Sports compensation.
  • Compensation of external training and certification.
  • Flexible working schedule.
  • Corporate events and trips.

If you feel that you are a great fit, please submit your CV.

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