Embedded Engineer

Wroclaw, Poland


We are currently expanding our capacities with Senior/Middle-level Embedded Engineers for our Wroclaw office to assist in our continued growth and contribute to our future development.


Form a team to support a company who is creating their own SSD storage device, based on a third-party SSD controller and a third-party SDK base firmware.

We are looking for team members representing various specialties, including front-end (NVMe) and backend (Flash Translation Layer), experienced in low-level interfaces at the NAND level (Flash Management/Interface Layer) and the corresponding hardware modules on the SSD controller side (Hardware Abstraction Level), including encryption and internal data protection.

The team would be responsible for adapting and improving third-party SDK firmware in a significant manner (redesign, refactoring, enhancement, and debugging of features and components) and developing of new features to enhance and optimize the company's storage product.

Primary focus: FTL, NVMe

Required qualifications:
  • 2+ years of experience in design and development of embedded firmware for SSD storage products, preferably with direct experience in the Flash Translation Layer
  • Proficiency in C programming
  • Proficiency in embedded firmware debug techniques and tools (emulators, logic analyzers, etc.)
  • Experience with one or more of the following storage related technologies: NVMe, FTL, FML, NAND Flash.
  • Positive experience of building team-oriented development environment (prior experience of work as part of a geographically distributed team is highly desirable)
  • Self-motivation, goal orientation, and ability to work in an environment with light management oversight
  • Participate with other firmware team members (local, and US-based) in the development, integration, and debug of firmware for SSD products that are targeted to Industrial-Grade Data Center environments
  • Design/development specific features, or specific components of larger features
  • Manage local firmware changes using industry-standard software version control tools
  • Debug / validate functionality and performance of features/components, using bench tests, integration tests, customer tests, etc.
  • Create, track, and close issue reports in a bug tracking tool
  • Provide clear verbal and written status to management

If you feel that you are a great fit, please submit your CV.

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