Case Study

Touchscreen User Interface for Pollution Instrumentation


Pollution instrumentation hardware manufacturer.



Refine existing product requirements to help determine hardware BOM. Provide users with an intuitive and innovative visual metaphor to manage pollution measurement device efficiently



Teqniksoft provided a pollution instrumentation hardware manufacturer with product design services — from user research to product design — to deliver a touchscreen prototype that would enable workers to monitor and manage carbon monoxide output generated by smokestacks. The new product was to include a 7” VGA resolution panel to provide users with a rich graphical user interface and enhanced functionality.

Using our phased user-centered design approach, we designed an easy-to-learn and intuitive user interface that enabled users to effectively navigate through different modes of operation of the device (monitor, setup, and calibration). Early on in the process, we conducted user research studies at different industrial site locations to assess a variety of usage environments, as well as user needs and perceptions to help refine user and hardware requirements (touchscreen or push-button interaction models). After our analysis, working with internal training and subject matter experts, we redesigned the information architecture and created a consistent set of standards for interaction to ensure ease of learning and consistency. We also identified primary user tasks, emphasizing basic needs, such as to enhance the user’s ability to monitor and troubleshoot problems with the device effectively. Users can quickly identify a problem state visually, providing click through access to error message details and histograms.

Case Study