Why Outsource to South America?

Outsourcing in South America

Teqniksoft has a rich history in delivering high quality engineering services and software design that consistently meets or exceeds the needs of our customers. Our company is dedicated to innovative solutions. We started as support for startup companies and quickly expanded our clientele across multiple industries and have seen tremendous growth since our start in 2001.

Paul Sereiko, CEO of AirSprite Technologies, said, “The collaborative approach we have experienced with Teqniksoft, coupled with the ease of working with a team in our local time zone, has proven to us that their software development center in Ecuador can be successful.”

Over the last five years, outsourcing became a $325 billion expenditure. However, only 48% of IT professionals plan on outsourcing development in the next year-and-a-half. Teqniksoft’s successful investments in South America has expanded out RightSource hybrid development options to our wide portfolio of clients. By combining the best domestic design teams with offshore development centers, we offer a “follow the sun” schedule that helps deliver design and engineering services on time and under budget — a bandwagon any informed company should be excited to jump on.

Why Outsource to South America

Professionalism: Here at Teqniksoft, we don’t just hire anybody — our team members in Argentina and Ecuador are screened and come from some of the best engineering, mathematics and technology education institutions in the region. Their professional backgrounds range from international finance to technology organizations, and the technology sector in the south has high employee loyalty rates from these career-minded individuals.

Proximity: Being on the same half of the globe as the United States, our customers get to interact with our Argentinian and Ecuadorian bases at the same point of day. The time zone difference between California and the South American locations have a two-to-four hour difference, compared to 10 or more across the planet in Europe or Asia.

Innovation: Institutions public and private in South America were some of the earliest to adopt technologies such as Linux, MySQL, PHP, FLEX and Apache — technologies that are now industry standards. Our expertise in web development and prominent programming languages bring a steady source pool for customers inquiring to update or create new applications from the ground up utilizing these technologies.

Communication: As it is the global communications language, majority of people in educated areas grow up learning English. Our team member’s are augmented with supplemental training in the English language.

Cost Reduction: Federal and local governments in our South American stations know the importance of the technology industry and offer lucrative incentives to set up operations in these countries. As a result, we save money on operating costs and offer discounted rates to our customers. The competitive labor costs that Argentina and Ecuador afford for engineering and project management provide cost savings opportunities that are unconventional to other traditional outsourcing locations.


Argentina is a growing global power. The country is home to over 40 million people and is widely recognized as an expanding center in the technology market. Argentina is a regional leader in nuclear and conventional energy, electronics, pharmaceuticals and aerospace & defense initiatives.

Argentina is also a regional leader in information technology. Nine million Argentinians now have access to personal Internet connections, with four million accessing the World Wide Web through a broadband connection.

Argentina presents a solid case for outsourcing software development projects, as the country’s IT sector has seen steady job growth and revenue increase. It has a large pool of well-educated software engineers, with the country itself boasting the highest level of graduate and post-graduate education on the continent. It’s communication technology and utility infrastructure outshines any in the region, and the currency exchange rate between the US dollar and the Argentine Peso provide cost benefits to outsourcing.

Argentina has realized the positive impact information technology has on the country’s economy and has several initiatives to support the industry involving education, infrastructure and business. There are at least 14 incubators and technology parks in the country today that provide the nurturing environment to spur faster growth, innovation and stability for startup companies to large firms.

Argentina has also invested heavily in the pursuing education of its residents and the public education system there is held in high regard among South American countries. It is home to over 100 undergrad and graduate facilities enrolling over 1.5 million students. It is estimated that 120,000 of these students are enrolled in some of the best IT-based programs offered.

Currently, Argentina employs around 67,000 professionals at IT businesses with marker revenues increasing to nearly $3 billion. These prominent economic figures represented in South America are making several countries attractive for global companies to plant offshore centers for products and services. The new marker creation in Argentina and the widespread availability of young, educated talent with product development expertise is too good for many companies to overlook. Bayer, Intel, NEC and Peugeot are just some of the big companies that have established research facilities in Argentina.

Argentina also has a good hand in ensuring that domestic companies comply with international standards for intellectual property protection. The legislation and enforcement of intellectual property laws is on par with America standards.


Ecuador has around 15 million people living in the country, a very stable economic climate and is a hotbed for the growing software industry. Like Argentina, Ecuador’s government realized the potential in the market and has established investment and legislative support for the technology industry by building up a reputable educational system, intellectual property protections and incentives for technology businesses.

Ecuador’s capital, Quito, is currently the center of the blossoming industry. There are about 1,200 IT graduates in Quito each year, with most of them going on to work in the technology field. Of course with any sprouting economy, there have been areas to improve upon, such as attrition in the area, but that has been decreasing its numbers as the years pass. The country has invested heavily in developing information technology in the country and the graduates are some of the brightest minds in South America, willing to work at very competitive costs.

Teqniksoft’s Ecuador location sits in Quito, where the software development workface is paying off for the country and companies alike. The strong industry focus on international quality standards to ISO, PMI and CMMi, a strong web technology resource pool and plentiful young workforce are just the surface perks of Ecuador today.

Infrastructure improvements have made vast headway in Quito, adding to its appeal as the technologic hub of the southern hemisphere. It is leaps and bounds ahead of its countrywide Internet connectivity compared to two mere years ago.


Teqniksoft’s success in South America comes from leveraging the RightSource development model — our clients maximize time and resources to their projects by having hands on in cities across the globe, the “follow the sun” method. This way, we reduce labor and overhead costs by using domestic, nearshore and offshore development centers continuously. Teqniksoft understands that development outside of the main enterprise is doomed from the start without defined processes, clear communications and the integration of multiple sources working in conjunction to deliver productivity to its finest degree.

With the advances in global technology, connectivity between branches doesn’t have the impairment it did 20, 10 or even five years ago. Software teams work with Teqniksoft’s clients in structured teams from the ground up and around our globally distributed software development centers.

Our management team has produced for several startups, following them all the way to their I.P.O. and keeping in touch beyond that. We have done everything to produce the best solutions for our clientele, including branding and building user-focused design and interfaces through consistent research, development and maintenance. Typically we service small and midsize companies, but with our global locations, we have the resources to scale up our operations at any time.

We have reduced the risks of offshore developing through our tribulations in establishing centers across Eastern Europe and South America and have earned the right to confidence in providing the best level of service for our clients. Our success in South America is a staple to our current business model and our positive outings in the countries of Argentina and Ecuador should tip any company in favor of outsourcing to these areas for its customer convenience and plentiful workforce alone.



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