July 17, 2012

Teqniksoft opens base of operations in Ecuador

Carson City, Nevada and Quito, Ecuador — Teqniksoft LLC has continued its global growth by adding a location in the heart of Ecuador.

Quito is quickly becoming a hub for outsourcing in the technology industry. There are roughly 1,200 IT graduates from the top trade schools and universities in the city. Many new employees to the work force are willing to start work at very competitive rates.

To remain ahead of its closest geographical competitors, Ecuador has started investing heavily in the growing industry in their central city. Internet connectivity throughout the country has been dramatically improved from two years ago and intellectual property laws are similar to those in America to add to the allure of the outsourcing goldmine of South America.

The gains of having another South American location are already revealing themselves to Teqniksoft. The strong industry hands here, adept to software development and IT in various degrees, easily collaborate with the US headquarters, residing in similar time zones and making steadfast progress on work.



About Teqniksoft, LLC

Teqniksoft is an international software development company with operations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

We provide complete product lifecycle solutions for desktop, Web 2.0/Cloud, and mobility applications, and core competency in embedded systems engineering, CPLD and FPGA design and development, integrated circuit and PCB design and development, and building software systems for both Bare-Metal and RTOS environments. We also provide consulting services for all stages of development from architecture through QA, provide component technician services, and we have worked with all of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry.

Our team has architected, designed, developed and delivered commercial products for broad spectrum of clients who range in size from large, public technology companies to early stage start-ups. The solutions cut across industries that range from Rotating Media and Solid State storage systems to viral mobility applications running on iPhone, Android, and many other mobility platforms.

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