April 01, 2014

Teqniksoft and Q-Aces celebrate ongoing partnership in Internet marketing

San Luis Obsipo, California and Carson City, Nevada — Teqniksoft LLC and Q-Aces LLC are celebrating their ongoing collaboration in Internet marketing and web service development.

Teqniksoft is an internationally based enterprise with locations throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia, with resources high in web and software services. Their strong roots across the globe has turned Q-Aces, a search engine optimization consulting firm, from a small startup in California to a world-roving database with sound technological web presence.

“Through our relationship with Teqniksoft, Q-Aces has been able to translate basic wireframes and algorithms that were only working in Excel to a fully functional cloud-based service,” Dan Weeks, Co-Founder of Q-Aces, said. “Our lead for UX on Q-Aces had over 25 years’ experience, our technical project manager has over 15 years and our developers all have many years of experience creating cloud-based systems.”

Q-Aces’ SEO consulting would have been limited on the startup budget. With Teqniksoft’s expertise in SEO consulting and offshore resources, Q-Aces was able to expand its web-based services with some of the best user-experience researchers available.

“The Q-Aces team only had manual process to calculate the analytics we needed, and it needed to be automated,” Weeks said. “Teqniksoft created the web service based on the Q-Aces data science work.”



About Teqniksoft, LLC

Teqniksoft is an international software development company with operations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

We provide complete product lifecycle solutions for desktop, Web 2.0/Cloud, and mobility applications, and core competency in embedded systems engineering, CPLD and FPGA design and development, integrated circuit and PCB design and development, and building software systems for both Bare-Metal and RTOS environments. We also provide consulting services for all stages of development from architecture through QA, provide component technician services, and we have worked with all of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry.

Our team has architected, designed, developed and delivered commercial products for broad spectrum of clients who range in size from large, public technology companies to early stage start-ups. The solutions cut across industries that range from Rotating Media and Solid State storage systems to viral mobility applications running on iPhone, Android, and many other mobility platforms.

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