July 06, 2015

Teqniksoft and Pan Pac Alliance announce a business partnership

Las Vegas, Nevada and Seattle, Washington - Teqniksoft and Pan Pac Alliance are happy to announce a business partnership that will provide new opportunities for Northwest software developers and access to a range of technology services from internationally based Teqniksoft.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Pan Pac Alliance is a business and technology consulting company dedicated to promoting American businesses. Co-founder at Pan Pac Alliance, Steve Petherick, offers 20 years of international business experience in more than a dozen countries including a strong base of connections in Japan after working at Mitsui & Co for an extended period of time. During his time at Mitsui & Co, Steve’s department was responsible for 30 different products and services that totaled more than 100 million FOB sales. Pan Pac Alliance has extensive business relationships which can be introduced to clients seeking opportunities in new and existing markets. Introduced business and opportunities have a higher conversion rate than other marketing and sales strategies as well as lower upfront cost.

“The Market is struggling to find high-quality, stable and cost effective software development professionals, Teqniksoft helps companies resolve that issue.” – Steve Petherick, Co-Founder and President at Pan Pac Alliance.

Pan Pac Alliance is currently involved in the promotion of business partners for international trade, development of mobile smart phone apps, and the development of an early stage pharmaceutical for a fine chemical processing company.  The business headquarters in Seattle, Washington is well placed to introduce opportunities in its local tech hot bed community as well as a gateway to other companies across the NW.

Teqniksoft is an internationally based software development company with locations throughout North and South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Teqniksoft provides complete product lifecycle solutions and provides consulting services for clients at any stage of software development. Teqniksoft is able to provide strong intellectual property protection for their client companies. Teqniksoft has a management team that understands the needs of software product companies, which allows them to completely understand their clients’ needs.

“Traditional approaches to software product development outsourcing can be difficult for several reasons including multi-location project management, time zones, quality of development staff and attrition. With a less than 2% annualized attrition and an efficient hybrid onshore/offshore model we have been able to deliver commercial ready products for large public companies down to early startups with impactful speed” - says Daniel Ovalle, Teqniksoft Regional Manager for Latin America.

For further information, please contact Steve Petherick at Pan Pac Alliance at +1 (206) 310-1977 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



About Teqniksoft, LLC

Teqniksoft is an international software development company with operations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

We provide complete product lifecycle solutions for desktop, Web 2.0/Cloud, and mobility applications, and core competency in embedded systems engineering, CPLD and FPGA design and development, integrated circuit and PCB design and development, and building software systems for both Bare-Metal and RTOS environments. We also provide consulting services for all stages of development from architecture through QA, provide component technician services, and we have worked with all of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry.

Our team has architected, designed, developed and delivered commercial products for broad spectrum of clients who range in size from large, public technology companies to early stage start-ups. The solutions cut across industries that range from Rotating Media and Solid State storage systems to viral mobility applications running on iPhone, Android, and many other mobility platforms.

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